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Private, secret Italy will be unveiled for you with Castle & Villa Club.  The Club will unlock for you palaces, century old gardens, villas still in private hands, usually inaccessible to the public. You will discover hidden masterpieces and small and secluded precious museums, posh trattorie and trendy restaurants, artisans’ shops, wine producers, artists and intellectuals.

And all this staying in the historical villa or castle of your choice.

The Club will be glad to organize your personal custom taylored program, just send in an email specifying your requests.

To meet the needs of travelers the Tours of the Club have no fixed dates but are activated at the request of a group.

The minimum and maximum number of participants is specified in each Tour’s program.

Custom taylored programs and tours on request.

Please note: due to the fact that many of our destinations are private properties, detailed programs will be tuned once you will establish the dates of your visit.

Palladian Veneto

Palladio La Rotonda

A survey of various surviving villas and palaces designed by Andrea Palladio (1508–80), the world’s most influential western architect.


Stay throughout in a fifteenth century villa in Verona or Padua.

Villa Emo Capodilista, Padua
Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti, Verona

Highlights: Dinner in a private villa, at the table of the owners, under G. Domenico Tiepolo’s frescoes

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The Veneto (not counting Venice) preserves some of the most precious gems of european art history. You will have the opportunity to see many of the most remarkable ones, still in private hands, by special appointments between the owners and the Club. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of the descendants of the original occupants. This trip would be impossible for independent travellers.

The secrets of Milan


An  intensive tour of Milan, visiting aristocratic baroque palaces, romanesque and Reinassance churches, contemporary architecture and, of course, making great shopping.


Stay throughout in a nineteenth century villa 40 minutes drive from the city center.

Villa Mapelli Mozzi, Milan

Highlights: Private visit to Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi, example of nineteenth century aristocratic residence in the city center.

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Milan, with its contrasting faces of historic city and dynamic business center, capital of publishing industry, fashion and design, was recently rediscovered as a city of great charm. The Club will guide you to explore hidden corners not easily accessible to the public: private posh residences, the Leonardo da Vinci hidraulic works, fashion designers’ studios, the trendiest restaurants.

Private Florence

Firenze-pranzo in terrazza privata

A tour inside the lesser known Florence visiting aristocratic palaces and  gardens normally inaccessible but disclosed for you thanks to special agreements.


Stay throughout in a Reinassance Villa a few kilometers from the city center.

Villa Massedonica, Florence

Highlights: Dinner in the patio of the villa, when possible dinner in an aristocratic palace in the center of Florence.

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Of course once in Florence the Club will put you face to face with Ghirlandaio, Pontormo, Paolo Uccello, Michelangelo and Dante, not leaving out artisans, fashion designers shops and posh trattorie. But the Club will introduce you as well to private mansions and palaces unknown by regular tourists, fascinating residences were you can feel still alive the glorious history  of the city. You will experience from within the Florence of the Florentines.

For groups of 8-15 persons.

Duration of Tour: 3-4 days

Led by expert art historian

G.D. Tiepolo Villa dei Nani

For groups of 6-8 persons.

duration of Tour: 3-4 days

Led by expert art historian


For groups of 6-8 persons

Duration of Tour: 3-4 days

Led by local history’s expert

Firenze Stibbert, elmo

Venice unknown

Venezia basilica di San Marco-001

Introduces you to some of the finest private palaces in Venice. When possible special visit to the stunning Gallerie dell’Accademia led by the Curator of the Museum. Private after-hours visit to the mosaics in the St. Mark’s basilica.


Stay in the annexes of a medieval castle on the mainland 30 kilometers off Venice

Villa emo Capodilista

Highlights: meet venetian academics and outstanding art historians. Meet some of the descendants of the oldest venetian families, the same that made the city great in the Middle Ages and Reinassance.

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I you think of Venice in terms of umbearable crowd and pigeon-on-your-shoulder pictures, this Tour is especially designed to make you change your mind. The Club will take you to secluded, precious spots in the very city center as well as in fascinating, sparsely populated districts unknown to mass tourism. Not to mention the islands of the lagoon, real jewels remained intact over the centuries. The Club will open for you the gates of private palaces, hidden churches, restaurants, trattorie and artisans shops of high quality. You can  admire the golden mosaics of San Marco during closing hours. When possible you will meet academics and museum directors. And, of course, you will also have your gondola ride along the most beautiful street in the world: the Canal Grande.

Cities of silence

Mantova- veduta

Ferrara, Mantua, Sabbioneta. A journey along the Po river discovering three cities maybe not as popular as others but among the most enchanted in Italy.


Stay: two nights in the annexes of a medieval castle near Padua, one or two nights in a boutique hotel in Soragna, near Parma .

Villa emo Capodilista

Highlights: Meet local architects and art historians both in Ferrara and Mantua, when possible meet the owner of the Rocca of Soragna, prince Meli Lupi of Soragna.

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Ferrara is an untouched Renaissance jewel, seat for centuries of the important d’Este family, dukes of the city. The d’Este castle and the Diamonds’ Palace are examples of the purest architecture of the period.

Medieval and Reinassance Mantua, with its ducal Palace, Palazzo Te, the lakes, is one of the most beautiful and well preserved cities of Italy. Sabbioneta imitates it in everything except in size: seat of the ambitious monarch of a tiny kingdom, is a utopian Renaissance miniature.

In the three cities the Club will take you to little known corners and semi-forgotten monuments, without leaving out the excellent local cuisine. A journey with all the charm of the unexpected discoveries.

Fascinating Piedmont


Explores one of the most beautiful Italian regions, unfairly leaved out by the majority of travellers, rich in castles, abbeys, baroque cities.


Stay throughout in a medieval castle near Alessandria.

Castle of Tagliolo, Piedmont

Highlights: Lunch in the baroque villa I Berroni at the table of Countess Giovanna Castelbarco. Meet Marquis Pinelli Gentile of Tagliolo, excellent local wine producer.

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Piedmont was the start point for the “risorgimento” the political movement that unified Italy in the nineteenth century. Open to new ideas coming from France and England, the small kingdom of the Savoy felt a remarkable international influence in the arts. Baroque Turin, the royal palaces and castles, the impressive Egyptian Museum testify Piedmont’s transalpine flair. You will visit Turin, Saluzzo, Alba (truffles in season), the Sacra of San Michele as well as a number of castles and villas still in private hands and made specially accessible for the Club. Without leaving out the local mouth watering cuisine and celebrated wines Barolo and Barbaresco.

For groups of 8-15 persons

Duration of Tour: 3-4 days

Led by expert art historian

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

For groups of 8-15 persons

Duration of Tour: 3 days

Led by expert art historian


For groups of 8-15 persons

Duration of Tour: 3-4 days

Led by expert art historian




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