Cooking classes

Two-three days workshops led by professional chefs or renowned connaisseurs staying in a Castle or historical Villa. An unusual combination of beauty, history and top level teachers make our Cooking Classes a unique experience. You will learn many secrets of Italian cuisine: how to pick the best ingredients at the marketplace, how to process and cook them and how to successfully present them on the table.

Please note:

To meet the needs of travelers the Cooking Classes of the Club have not fixed dates but are activated at the request of a group.

The minimum and maximum number of participants is specified in each Workshop program.

Custom taylored programs and classes on request

Venetian tradition revisited

risotto amarone

In the backdrop of Villa Sagramoso Perez-Pompei, chef Marcantonio Sagramoso will share with you the results of his personal research in renewing venetian cuisine.  With his supervision you will practice risotto all’amarone and mountain dumplings, soup of courgettes with prawnes, and the basics of local bakery. Not to leave out a tasting of local excellent wines: Valpolicella, Soave, Amarone.


Stay: throughout in a fifteenth century villa in Verona.

Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti, Verona

Healthy food the Italian way

crema lenticchie con tortino zucca e gamberi

Young chef Marika Elefante and nutritional coach Valentina Dolci developed their program of healthy food classes hybridizing the most up-dated scientific knowledge with the tradition of Italian cuisine. Raw, fresh and tasty are going to be your watchwords during the 2 or 3 days workshop you will take in one of the Residences of the Club.


Stay Marika And Valentina travel a lot, thereso you can decide yourself in which Residence you can set your Healthy Food Class.

The ladies of the passatelli


A journey in the celebrated cuisine of Romagna -where sea and land flavors meet- led by skillfull, humorous “donne di paese”, expert housewives who are happy to share with you a precious tradition. You will become familiar with brodetto (sea food soup), passatelli (home made noodles) and cappelletti (stuffed pasta), simple, genuine  and tasty food.


Stay: throughout in Locanda San Leone, a boutique manor hotel located in a medieval mill.

Locanda San Leone, Rimini

Highlights: Dinner in Villa Sagramoso Perez-Pompei, at the table of the owners Counts Sagramoso, in the eighteenth century frescoed dining room.

Please note: detailed programs will be communicated to you once you will establish the dates of your Course.

For groups of 8-15 persons.

Duration of workshop: 2 days

Led by chef Marcantonio Sagramoso, owner and chef of restaurant Le Cedrare

Highlights: special cultural tours and personalized visits to private mansions wherever you choose to set your personal Class.

Please note: detailed programs will be communicated to you once you will establish the dates of your Workshop

For groups of 4-12 persons.

Duration of workshop: 2-3 days

Led by healthy cook and healthy nutritional coach


Highlights: Visits to the Reinassance fortress of St. Leo. Visit to the gem city of Urbino (Raffaello and Piero Della Francesca). Top italian night life in the nearby Rimini and Riccione

Please note: worried with the local dialect from Romagna? No problem: owner Giancarlo Pianini and his gentle wife Daniela will be happy to assist you all the way out.

For groups of 6-12 persons.

Duration of workshop: 2-3 days.

Led by local village ladies and owner Giancarlo Pianini.

Marca cadillac
Marika Valentina ridono
Cuoca romagnola

The inimitable Tuscan



A full immersion in Tuscan cuisine, one of the most genuine, simple and tasty of the Mediterranean. Countess Beatrice Fiorentini will help you pick the best ingredients at the local market, and will show you how to process and cook them to produce delicious delicacies.


Stay: Throughout in the Castle of St. Fabiano, Siena

Castle of San Fabiano, Siena

Highlights: use of the facilities of Castle San Fabiano (swimming pool, bycicles, horse back riding), visit Siena, the Abbey of Monte Oliveto, the Crete Senesi. Dinner at the table of Counts Fiorentini, owners of the place.

Italian homemade sweet temptations

torta ai lamponi

Introduces you to cooking mouthwatering italian home made desserts. Cakes and puddings  that make the final of a meal a memorable moment. Chiarastella Sagramoso, owner of Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti, warmly welcomes you  in her family kitchen and shares with you her lifetime experience in front of the oven


Stay: Throughout in Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti, an impressive fifteenth century villa, Verona

Villa Saramoso Sacchetti, Verona

Highlights: Enjoy the facilities of Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti in your free time: swimming pool, bicycles, visits to local excellent wine producers, operas at the Arena in Verona.

Please note: Tuscan wine and extra virgin olive oil tasting at request

For groups of 6-12 persons

Duration of workshop: 2-3-4 days

Led by Countess Beatrice Fiorentini, owner of Castle of St. Fabiano, Siena

Please note: you do not need any special knowledge to access this workshop: your passion and desire to learn and the most likeable Chiarastella will be a winning cocktail

For groups of 4-12 persons

Duration of Tour: 2-3 days

Led by N. D. Chiarastella Sagramoso, owner of Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti

contessa Bea Fiorentini Ferné
Chiarastella e Ludovica 2

The Club will be glad to organize your custom taylored Cooking Class, just send in an email specifying your requests.

The Chefs

Valentina e Marika

Marika Elefante, Healthy Chef, Neapolitan, is a strong supporter of healthy food and developed a passion for health-conscious cooking. Working for her own catering company, based in Milan, she constantly researches for a balance between healthy ingredients and embracing flavors, typical of Neapolitan cuisine.


Valentina Dolci graduated as a Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Her professional practice is based on a holistic approach, combining eating the right foods for your body with living an inspired, fulfilling life. She works personally with her clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce lasting results.

Count Marcantonio Sagramoso is a professional chef graduated at the Scuola Alberghiera in Verona. After a 10 years experience in top restaurants both in Italy and abroad he started his own place “Le Cedrare” located in the nineteenth century greenhouse of Villa Sagramoso Perez-Pompei, Verona. His recipes, revisiting the Venetian tradition through the latest trends in taste, have earned him numerous awards including the gold medal at the Cuisine Olympics, the 1st place at the World Championship of Cooks and a list of mentions by top food guides as Michelin and Trip Advisor.

Chiarastella Sagramoso

Countess Chiarastella Sagramoso is the owner of Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti, Verona, presently runs the B&B located in her Villa and the wine farm that circles it. She graduated as a physiotherapist, and has a long practice of oriental holistic medicine. Her approach to cooking derives from this particular training: food must be good and do well, both while you cook it or while you’re enjoying it. She is a real expert in baking glamorous though simple homemade sweets and  cakes.

Countess Beatrice Fiorentini, co-owner together with her husband of Castle of St. Fabiano, Siena, was born in Bologna, the city considered the historic capital of Italian cuisine. By combining the two traditions, Emilian and Tuscan, she has developed a very personal approach to food based on simple recipes, natural ingredients, intense flavors and variety. Her idea is that good cooking begins at the marketplace, as you will see for yourself when you will accompany her in her daily rallies in the neighboring villages. Then ingredients demand great respect while processing them. And final touch: how you present the plates at the table must add glamour to your work.

Bea con cappello paglia



To participate in the Cooking Classes of Castle & Villa Club of Italy you will not need special training. The purpose of the workshops is not to make you a professional chef, but to share with you the all Italian pleasure of transforming the finest ingredients in a festive occasion for you, your friends, your families. All in a setting of great artistic interest, a historical heritage  to wich also Italian culinary tradition belongs.

Otherwise, if you are already an experienced cook and you intend to refine your knowledge, the Club will be happy to organize for you advanced courses and tailor-made workshops.

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